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3D Calculator RetroFX

2.49 usd

Reboot a 70's retro design classic! RetroFX is a remake of the Casio fx-39 scientific calculator, complete with moving switches, keys, sound and an authentic, "green" vacuum tube display, beautifully rendered in amazing 3D.* Rotate 360, turn, scale and move in 3D with your fingers.* Green screen, 7 segment display with adjustable glow.* Buttons physically press with sound.* Move the mode switch with your finger.* Even the on/off button works!* High resolution modelling.* Tilt affects light reflections.* Looks awesome on a pad.
RetroFX is based on the Casio fx-39 from 1978 made in Japan. Casio made many models with this very popular case design, but functionally, they were all slightly different. The RetroFX display is a reconstruction of the popular green Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) which is actually a small cathode ray tube. RetroFX recreates the original glow given off by these tubes which would typically vary depending on battery strength.